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Cbeebies Live

  • Ash Foder SAID ...

    Thanks tickets for troops, my daughter had a great time.  It made her weekend and she didn't stop smiling the whole time.  Also a big thanks to the lady who gave us our tickets at the box office.  

    We were only able to book 2 tickets on the T4T website so when I got there I asked if it was possible to pay for an extra ticket so my girlfriend could go in.  The lady said there was no need and handed us an extra ticket for free.  All the staff were friendly and we all had a good time. Cheers


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  • Gareth Lewis SAID ...

    May I say a huge thank you for my tickets to CBEEBIES live in Cardiff on the 14/04/14.

    My daughter, wife and I had an awesome time. My daughter is still telling her dolls all about our ‘adventure’ to Cardiff to see Mr Tumble and his friends. She loved it!

    Services like Tickets for Troops are a God send. Having to spend so much time away from our families, things like this make our time together all that more special.

    Thank you!!!

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  • Faye Buckley SAID ...

    I attended the CBeebies show with my 2 year old son. He absolutely loved it!I just wanted to say thank you to Tickets for Troops.

    I have recently returned from Afghanistan and this was a wonderful treat we could experience together.

    Thank you.

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  • Brenda Walton SAID ...

    Many thanks for the Cbeebies tickets TFT!
    Jasmine and I had a fantastic time and when the Zingzillas came down the steps from behind us I thought she was going to burst with excitement.

    Jasmine is autistic and to have this experience of emotion is rare so it was wonderful to see and share it.
    We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

    Thank you.

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