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The Tickets For Troops phone line will remain off while we work remotely, please submit all queries via email. Close this message

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England vs Belgium - Football

  • George Carroll SAID ...

    Thank you very much for the tickets! I took my 8 year old son and it was his first England match. It was a surprise for him and he was so excited when he got off the train at Wembley Park. I have served 26 years in the army and it is fantastic to see the support for the armed forces these days. Having recently returned from Afghanistan, the public support means a lot to the lads. Many thanks, a fantastic day!

    George Carroll

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  • Joel Slater SAID ...

    Brilliant time! Haven't been to the new Wembley stadium, I went to England vs Spain and England vs Germany in euro 96 and saw the last game at Wembley 2 so its been years. Fantastic stadium, brilliant atmosphere, appreciate it loads

    Joel Slater

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  • Damon Lunn SAID ...

    I would like to thank tickets for troops for Saturdays game England v Belgium, me and my girlfriend attended the event at Wembley and the atmosphere was amazing. We had never been to Wembley or an international football game so this was a brilliant experience.  

    Damon Lunn

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  • John Howards SAID ...

    The organisation was outstanding and my son and I had our tickets within 10 minutes of arriving at Wembley Stadium and this was due to the coordination with the staff involved. The event was enjoyed so much and it was a privilege to have been given the tickets.

    John Howards

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  • Frank Saka SAID ...

    All that I will say is that this is an excellent way of helping us troops to also enjoy with others. It really makes me feel so proud of being a Soldier. Thank you the organisers. 

    Frank Saka

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  • Holly and Dave Holmes SAID ...

    The whole process was extremely easy the ticket office was clearly identified and we were in our seats in no time. The view was great my daughter and I could see the entire pitch as well as the big screen. Watching the game was entertaining she enjoyed the Mexican Wave, overall an excellent experience for my daughter's first England game. Thanks again for an excellent experience and long may Tickets for Troops continue.

    Holly and Dave Holmes

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  • Katie Parker SAID ...

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to go and see England v Belgium I had an awesome time and will definitely want to go again at some point. I think that tickets for troops is a brilliant set up and i fully appreciate and support the effort that goes into giving people like myself the opportunity to do something that i have never experienced brilliant charity keep the good work up.

    Katie Parker

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  • Steve Bell SAID ...

    I took my 10 year old son with me; he is football crazy and this was a fantastic opportunity for me to take him to see the England team (about whom he know's everything). In my view, the generosity of the people who donate these tickets is incredible; they are very, very much appreciated and it is so refreshing that society is recognising the work of the Forces.

    Steve Bell

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  • Scott Steenvoorden SAID ...

    I would like to thank all at tickets for troops for making a dream come true. It was an excellent day in which we got to watch football while mixing with fellow troops. The process by yourselves was so smooth and organised which helped the day go seamlessly.

    Scott Steenvoorden

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  • Anthony Brown SAID ...

    Thank-you very much for the England tickets, my son Joshua 8, loved his 1st visit to Wembley. It will be a day to remember, as i spent some quality time with my eldest son and it gave him an opportunity to watch England before they go to the Euro 2012 Tournament.

    Anthony Brown

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  • Somik Patel SAID ...

    As always this event was magnificent. Tickets for the game on this special Diamond Jubilee weekend was a fantastic opportunity to go to watch national game. I am very thankful to the Tickets for troops for all the arrangements made for me (us soldiers) and also special thanks to the organisers for providing these valuable tickets to the forces. I hope these relations between the different civilian organisations continue helping our soldiers. Thanks once again to both Tickets for troops and Organisers of the England vs Belgium football match.

    Somik Patel

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  • Mr R Maddison SAID ...

    We have never been to Wembley, never watched England play, nor do we ever get a day together without the children!! It was a great day out and if it was not for ticket for troops and the donation we would not have gone!

    Mr R Maddison

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  • Peter L Duncan SAID ...

    We had a brilliant time and the ticket pick up was very smooth and easy. All the instructions we received were spot on, thank you for the opportunity and to top things off England won!

    Peter L Duncan

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  • Danny Edney SAID ...

    I was very pleased with just the fact that I won a ticket for England v Belgium and to top it off the day in a whole was fantastic, I am very thankful to tickets for troops for this opportunity. AMAZING DAY!

    Danny Edney

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  • Dean Ward SAID ...

    I would like to say a big thank you for the tickets for the England v Belgium game at Wembley. It was the first time I had been to the new Wembley and I must say it was a fantastic experience and one that will stay with me for a long time, and it's all thanks to Tickets for Troops and the organises for giving me the opportunity. 

    Dean Ward

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  • Ady and Louise Farr SAID ...

    It was mine and my long suffering wife's first visit to Wembley and what an experience! Ticket collection was well signposted with a separate area for T4T, seats were great and we even had a special welcome over the tannoy prior to kick off. Please pass on our thanks to Wembley, it was a lovely experience!

    Ady and Louise Farr

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  • LCpl Williams SAID ...

    Thanks for the tickets. The whole process was very well run and efficient. It's a great organisation and we all appreciate the brilliant work you guys do.  

    LCpl Williams

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  • Greg McConaghie SAID ...

    Thank you so much for the tickets to the England vs Belgium game. I've never been to the new Wembley so I was keen to experience it as well as the game. Picking up the tickets and getting in and out of the venue was so simple. No line for the tickets and good seats. Thank you very much. I took my brother who's wife is expecting their second baby this month. He will probably be quite busy soon, so it was good to be able to offer him a quick bit of distraction and relaxation. Many thanks once again for the tickets. They were most sincerely appreciated.

    Greg McConaghie

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