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The Tickets For Troops phone line will remain off while we work remotely, please submit all queries via email. Close this message

The Tickets For Troops phone line will remain off while we work remotely, please submit all queries via email. Close this message

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The Brit Awards

  • Lynsey Mitchell and Louise Jones SAID ...

    My friend and I had an incredible time at the Brit Awards!  I feel so very lucky to have been given the opportunity and utterly loved every minute of it!  We were sat in clear view of the stage, the big screens and all the celebrities.  The people at the Tickets for Troops desk were very sweet and helpful and added to our excitement (we even got a Brit Awards Tote bag, which came in handy for our purses and shoes when our feet started to hurt!). The after show party was brilliant, it was a little feast on our senses and was filled with people having a great time - I loved the Alice in Wonderland theme that the party seemed to have going on, and enjoyed the live bands that played alongside the disco!

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  • Sgt Brian Hayes SAID ...

    Thank you so much for the BRIT AWARDS 2014 tickets , and yes we thoroughly enjoyed the BRIT AWARDS and it was an absolutely unforgettable night. The collection of tickets was seamless with our very own collection area via TFT, the seats allocated by the donors were simply fantastic and just about front row near the stage. It was such a nice surprise to win the tickets but to be in the VIP level 1 area right near the stage and celebrities was just amazing. We are so grateful and it's made our year. A big thank you to the donors. We will definitely go back to see the BRITS next year as it was such an experience and plan to take our teenage children as well as they were rather envious while they watched it on TV!!


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  • Wayne Okell MBE SAID ...

    The Awards were fabulous and we were very appreciative of the opportunity, the instructions you gave were easy to follow and it was very clear regarding the format, dress code, timings etc. I am just about to make a donation and would like to thank you once again for the chance to attend such a prestigious event.

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  • Joe SAID ...

    Thank you for the tickets I received for the Brits this year much to the envy of a lot of people. It was a Great night; me and my guest thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the performances. Definitely not the ordinary Wednesday night.

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