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The Tickets For Troops phone line will remain off while we work remotely, please submit all queries via email. Close this message

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100 days to go until TFT Patron WO1 Kim Hughes GC runs the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon

100 days until TFT Patron Kim Hughes runs the Virgin Money London Marathon

On Sunday 24th April Tickets For Troops Patron WO1 Kim Hughes GC will be running the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon for Tickets For Troops.

Warrant Officer Class 1 Kim Hughes GC is a British Army bomb disposal expert who became only the 74th living recipient of the George Cross for his extraordinary acts carried out in the Afghanistan conflict.

With only 100 DAYS TO GO until the big day we decided to catch up with Kim to see how his training is going and how he feels about the run as it gets closer.

1.    What are your reasons for wanting to run the Marathon?

I’ve never run one before and it’s always good to have a goal. My girlfriend ran last year and said it was amazing.  The atmosphere and support from the side-lines were ridiculous.

2.    Are you looking forward to it?

Yes and no. Yes because it’s a massive achievement, even if you only ever do it once in your lifetime.  The motivation and support I saw last year from the public is enough to get you round.  No because it’s going to hurt, don’t get me wrong in the forces we run a lot during our weekly training etc. however, I’ve never run this far before in one go and can only imagine I’m going to be sore a few days after.

3.    How is the training going? Have you got a programme between now and April to follow?

I am on week two of the Virgin Marathon training programme. I originally downloaded the beginner’s programme but because it involved a lot of long walks in the first couple of weeks, it seemed a little easy, I guess because I do a lot of training day to day, so I am now using the intermediate programme. It’s currently all about how long you are running for, for example today I have to run for an hour, I think after Week Four the run duration changes to distance.

4.    How is the fundraising going?

I sent out a text to my whole phone book before Christmas, which probably wasn’t the best time as everyone was running about buying gifts etc. although people did donate which was very kind.  I will give it a few weeks for everyone to get over the silly season before I start pestering them again.

5.    How does it feel to be running the marathon for TFT?

Mega! I‘m looking forward to running for Tickets For Troops. As a patron I enjoy helping when and where I can with promoting the charity. It’s also important for me, as a solider, to support Tickets For Troops as it shows that guys in the Armed Forces give back to a charity that helps them.

Please help Kim reach his fundraising target by donating here: tft.link/tftKimHughesGC


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