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Jamie Harle - Virgin Money London Marathon

Jamie Harle - Virgin Money London Marathon

On Sunday 24th April Captain Jamie Harle of the Light Dragoons, along with 22 other members of the Armed Forces, will be running the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon for Tickets For Troops.

1. What are your reasons for wanting to run the Marathon?

I wanted to put together a team to run in the marathon for Tickets For Troops because this is a charity that really takes delight in seeing families going away to events and a having a great time. What better reason is there? The marathon bit is just a long run….

2. Are you looking forward to it?

Yes I am. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the team at the other end in various states of fatigue but all with smiles on their faces knowing that they have earnt every pound of their fundraising.

3. How has your training gone? Do you feel prepared?

Ian and I ran in the Kingston Breakfast run last Sunday as our final long run before the marathon – annoyingly he beat me by 1 second on average pace. He has been very humble in this small victory.

4. How is the fundraising going?

I started early and I’m very lucky that all of my friends, family and colleagues know how important this charity is to me. I hit my target last week but there is still more to do!

5. How does it feel to be running the marathon for TFT?

Well it means we can say thank you to the team behind Tickets For Troops and that they can see us trying to do something for the charity – so it feels great to be running for Tickets For Troops.

Click here to donate to Jamie's marathon fund.


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