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Musician Nicole Rushforth - Virgin Money London Marathon

Musician Nicole Rushforth - Virgin Money London Marathon

On Sunday 24th April Musician Nicole Rushforth will be running the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon for Tickets For Troops having played in the St George’s Day concert at Cadogan Hall the night before.

1. What are your reasons for running the marathon?

I have never run a marathon before but I have always wanted to run the London Marathon so after Sunday I will have ticked something off my bucket list.

2. How are you feeling about playing in the concert & running the marathon the next day?

I think it will be fine but it will be an extremely busy day before the marathon. I play the saxophone and we will probably be rehearsing from midday on Saturday.

3. How has the training gone? Do you feel prepared? Do you have a target time?

Training has been good. I have only done eight weeks training as I was on tour in Australia before. However, due to my job I am quite fit anyway and I feel as prepared as I could be. The longest practice run I have done has been 20 miles and I am hoping to run the marathon in four and a half to five hours.

4. How has your fundraising gone?

I have now hit my target which is fantastic. My friends and family think that I am crazy to be running the marathon but they have been very supportive. I am hoping that after I actually complete the marathon I will receive some more donations.

5. How does it feel to be running the marathon for Tickets For Troops?

Tickets For Troops is such a good charity. All of us in the Armed Forces benefit from it. I have gone to lots of events through Tickets For Troops, including Wicked and Miss Saigon and so it is nice to be able to give something back.

Please click here to support Nicole and make a donation to her marathon fund.


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