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Virgin Money London Marathon - TFT Runner - Paul Wareing

Paul Wareing

With a few days to go till the Virgin Money London Marathon, we caught up with Petty Officer Paul Wareing to see how he is feeling before the big race.

1. How has your training gone over the last few months?

The training has gone well but was slow at the start as I'd not long had jaw surgery when I received the news I'd be running it, so I had to be sensible with what I could do. 

2. Was it as difficult as you thought it would be? 

The training has been really hard especially with niggles and aches and pains. Let's hope all the hard work pays off though. 

3. Have you had to change your diet at all?

My diet at first was still soft foods after my surgery, but as I recovered I managed harder foods with more protein with even a sneaky fast food or two along the way. The excuse of eating for the marathon has gone on for about three months now!

4. Have you had any high/low points during training?

The high point was receiving the news that I would be running the marathon, and the fundraising party was a great day/night and a brilliant succes. The low points were training in the cold and wet along with all sorts of niggly injuries and aches and pains along the way. 

5. How has the fundraising been going?

The fundraising has gone a lot better than I first thought it would and it has been steady all throughout really. I am so close to my target and I am determined to reach it. 

6. What's your schedule between now and the race?

My schedule is to go to the gym a couple of times this week just for a loosening session along with plenty of stretching. A massage is booked in pre marathon to ease any tension. Apart from that I will be just force feeding myself protein and carbohydrates all week in preparation.

7. What is the furthest distance you have run in training?

I have completed so many runs in the double figures but my longest was a 20 miler where I was helped on by my fiancee on the bike I may add. She was my pace maker, water girl and isogel assistant. 

8. How are you feeling about the race?

I have a mixture of feelings about the race. Nerves are only natural and I'm sure on the day I will be a wreck until I get going. I am excited of course and I'm just trying to focus on completing it. I have my own aims, however the main priority is to finish it and raise as much money as possible for this great charity. 


Please help get Paul to his fundraising target, and donate now: tft.link/PaulWareing


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