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The Tickets For Troops phone line will remain off while we work remotely, please submit all queries via email. Close this message

The Tickets For Troops phone line will remain off while we work remotely, please submit all queries via email. Close this message

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TFT Ambassador Application Top Tips

TFT Ambassador Application Top Tips

Interested in becoming a Tickets For Troops ambassador and wondering how to make sure your application gets you seen? 

We’re currently looking for our new team and thought we should share some tips for making sure your application stands out from the crowd. Every time we advertise for ambassadors we get a huge number of applications ranging from the sublimely good to the … well, not so good (sorry but it’s true). We also get some really good applications that get pipped at the post by some even better ones.  The problem is that we might be missing out on some amazing ambassadors because they didn’t get their application right. Most applicants tend to be service personnel and we recognise that this is probably the first time most troops have ever actually had to apply for anything! So, to give you a bit of a helping hand, and help us to spot you for all the right reasons, here are some top tips to help get you started.


  • First impressions. We expect our ambassadors to fulfil their role via email using an official Tickets For Troops email address. This means your spelling, punctuation and grammar needs to be tip top. You will be representing us and making the first impression to a new potential donor.  If your application is full of typos, bad grammar and punctuation then we’re probably not the right volunteer opportunity for you.


  • Attention to detail.  How you present your application and what content you include tells us a lot about your attention to detail … and that’s an important quality for an ambassador.  Don’t tell us you have amazing attention to detail if your application is demonstrating otherwise!


  • Doing what you have done before usually gets the same result.  If you have previously applied to be an ambassador and been unsuccessful then it is fair to say that submitting the same application as last time won’t improve your chances of success. In fact, it is likely to reduce your chances instead.  Create a fresh application and make sure you look properly at the current role requirement and ‘how to apply’, we may have made some amendments.  


  • Take it seriously.  Okay, so this is not your application to be the CEO of a global company but don’t confuse a volunteer role for a charity with not having to make an effort.  If you want your application to be taken seriously then you need to take it seriously and put some time and thought into it.


  • Previous experience helps.  Make sure you include details of previous volunteer work in your application.  We won’t know about it unless you tell us and saving it for the interview might mean we never get to hear about it.


  • If we wanted a CV we would ask for one - not much to add to that really!


We look forward to receiving your extra fabulous applications, even if it does make our job more difficult!



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